Submissions and Tenders

“The art is in the delivery”​

Everyone can come up with a compelling idea and make persuasive promises. However, as Steve Jobs famously stated, “real artists ship”. People and businesses that bring their ideas to market and make good on their promises; that they deliver sets them apart. 

It is extraordinary how often businesses make lofty, grandiose, and exaggerated claims when bidding for work. Being ‘aspirational’ is commendable. Making misleading or false claims is not.  

Of course, you can draw on your capability in one space to demonstrate how you would apply it to another. You can detail how you would innovatively adapt your systems to meet the client’s requirements. You can validate your bid with case studies (even if they were unsuccessful projects from which you have learned) and client testimonials highlighting your successes. All can convey a sense of confidence in your ability to deliver.    

Several of my clients are currently in the process of retendering. Some admit their enthusiasm to secure the business initially may have led them to embellish/overstate their capability. Talk (and a boastful tender response) is cheap. You will be held to account when your delivery does not live up to your promises. 

Many tenders are awarded to the incumbent. The incumbent has had the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of the client’s operations, preferences, and pain points. Their people may have formed relationships and established trust with the client’s people. They have had the chance to prove they can deliver in real life. Being the incumbent is an unquestionably powerful position, but only if they did deliver.  

This does not mean you cannot ever make mistakes. Everyone faces challenges and has failed to deliver from time to time. And you will undoubtedly stumble again. Bad companies just throw in the towel, make excuses, or find someone to blame for their shortcomings. Good companies apply measures to avoid the issue happening again. Excellent companies see their recovery as an opportunity to learn and strive to prove they are still the best choice in every interaction. 

The art is in the delivery.

One of the most valuable services we offer is conducting independent KPI assessments and auditing (ideally well before your next contract review!). Such insight significantly increases client retention – consider it client preventative maintenance – you always wish you had cleaned out the gutters before a downpour! Please contact me for a confidential discussion about your current contracts.