Content Marketing

Your (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity!

The importance of recording, celebrating and sharing the Isolation Story of your business.   

COVID-19 continues to up-end what we previously considered ‘normal’. Our lives have been irreversibly changed. We continue to observe many previously unthinkable safety measures and restrictions to our movement.  

We have, however, been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate our resilience, adaptability and most importantly, our compassion. An opportunity to demonstrate those actions, qualities and values we will (hopefully) never have to display under such extreme circumstances again. 

There is no better way to prove your systems, flexibility, resources and ingenuity than telling your success stories of 2020 thus far.   

Not every business could pivot their offering to produce hand-sanitiser or manufacture hospital-grade life-support equipment. Yet stories of compassion for workers being left without work, food or support are just as powerful. Many businesses were able to rapidly transition to online and remote working conditions, thus saving countless thousands of jobs. There have been wonderful stories of restaurants feeding those in need. 

Tell your Isolation Story and continue to celebrate your achievements regardless of how small you feel they may be. These stories tell more about you and your company than any number of carefully worded Business Continuity policies (and make compelling marketing and tender case studies). 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. History (and your current and future customers and employees) will judge you on your response during this time.  

Please contact me should you need any assistance in telling your story. I would love to help you record, celebrate and share them.