Adapting to your new reality; observations from a decade in Recruitment

This is not a post about tender writing or content marketing strategy. In the spirit of our time, I wanted to share some observations drawn from my many years of recruiting experience that are assisting me navigate our new reality.

I have always looked to learn from those who have previously faced the same or similar challenges to myself in order to help me charter the unknown.  

Throughout more than a decade working in the Recruitment Industry, I have been fortunate to meet candidates and clients at all levels and stages of their careers. I have listened to their stories, learned of the challenges they have faced and celebrated their achievements. By its very nature, the Recruitment Industry is always dealing with change – and opportunity – in people’s lives.  

While the details of individual approaches differ widely, the most resilient and inspiring people I met demonstrate many of the following qualities:

1.     An acceptance of what isNot what was, or what they wanted it to be (although they may have gone on to realise this nonetheless). 

2.     They calmly assessed their situation and listened to others without prejudging or holding onto preconceptions with interest and curiosity.

3.     With a sense of determination, they then developed a strategy and started tackling whatever issue they have encountered. 

In a nutshell, my key take-aways from all this are: Change is an inevitable part of life. Resisting change is not only futile but a waste of your energy. Energy that could be better channelled into investigating, understanding and adapting to your new reality. Only you can do the work to improve your position; do not expect anyone to do it for you. 

For what it’s worth, I have also found yoga very helpful (with #2 in particular) and I can help you with submission writing and content marketing strategy – just email me to arrange a preliminary discussion!