Submissions and Tenders

On the importance of tweaking

It can be very easy to assume one client’s enquiry, problem or tender is the same as the last client’s enquiry, problem or tender.  They look to be similar.  You still offer the same products and services.  Surely then, your last response will work again?

Not if it misses addressing the client’s questions. need and/or priorities.

Like a CV, there is no one-size-fits-all proposal (or any other client submission for that matter). Whilst your offer may be the same, simply rehashing the same old proposal could be the reason you are not winning more work. Businesses are now, more than ever, seeking partners who understand their needs and present solutions.  Recycled material that only half-answers the question or, worse still, a generic template response with their company name on it will not win you the work.

You do not, however, need to reinvent the wheel for every submission. Oftentimes a small tweak can frame your response in a more relevant or relatable way.  Strategic inclusion of case studies, staff bios and testimonials highlighting your capability and how you successfully solved a similar problem for another client makes for a considerably more compelling submission. That you took the time to tweak your response to address the client’s exact requirements demonstrates not only your expertise, understanding and care, but that you actually want their business!

If you are seeking assistance developing a library of tweakable content – or tweaking your current material – please contact me at Hardie Consulting.